Tom Llamas bid his goodbye to ABC News and several people took to Twitter to express their sadness over it. But why is Tom leaving ABC? Here’s where he is going next!

Viewers have been accustomed to seeing Tom on ABC News for a long time. Sadly, he won’t be appearing on the network anymore. In his latest segment, he bid his final goodbye and thanked the viewers for their support. The news of Tom leaving the network had been revealed a couple of days back. Here’s what he has planned for himself.

Why did Tom Llamas leave ABC News?

Tom is leaving ABC News to go join the NBC network. He had been part of the ABC network family since 2014. However, Tom decided to take a leave in the hope of a better career. Before leaving the network, Tom had a few words for his viewers.

“This will be my last broadcast at ABC News,” he said. “So first, thank you. Over the years it has been a pleasure spending the weekends together. It has been an honor to work here. I am the son of immigrants, and because of that, I have never taken for granted the opportunity or the responsibility to sit at this desk and bring you the truth.”

He even tweeted, “A thank you to all the viewers and to my tireless colleagues at ⁦@ABC⁩. It’s been quite a ride. I hope to see you soon. Stay tuned.”

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Twitter reacts to Tom leaving ABC

Tom has been a part of the network for several years, and his departure came as a shock to many. “Have become so accustomed to seeing Tom Llamas on ABC news that at times you forget that change is inevitable. Change is something we all have a hard time dealing with. For Tom, I’m sure change is a good thing. Tom, Best wishes and Thank you!” wrote one viewer.

“Now bc tom llamas leaving ABC gotta be the saddest thing for me today. I’m sorry yall I need a minute,” wrote another. “I’m sad Tom Llamas is leaving ABC. He delivers the news without histrionics. NBC’s gain, for sure.m” read another comment.

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