YouTube changed their logo on February 1st 2021 by adding the letters BHM next to it. but what does it mean and why did they change it?

It’s not everyday that companies change their logos, especially when it’s a company as huge as YouTube. That’s why people are confused on what the new change is, why and whether it is permanent.

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What doe YouTube BHM mean?

The orange, red and blue letters BHM next to the YouTube play button stand for ‘Black History Month’.

With this logo change, YouTube are celebrating black excellence and as a tribute to the leading figures and events in the African diaspora.

The BHM letters will remain next to the logo for the entire month of February.

If you’re not in the US or Canada, then you won’t be seeing your logo change anytime soon because Black History Month is celebrated annually in February. In Europe, BHM month is celebrated in October.

Who created the YouTube BHM logo?

According to an official YouTube video, the BHM logo was created by typography artist Leandro Assis.

As well as the logo, he worked on a piece for the banner for YouTube’s ‘Celebrating Black History Month’ page, which features various small illustrations on a black background.

Leandro explained that his inspiration behind the banner were the black people around him and the meaning behind their dance, music and beauty culture.

The artist, hailing from Rio, Brazil, focuses on creating work that discusses black culture and LGBTQ+ rights.

His signature style revolves around bold graphic lettering with colourful palettes.

This isn’t the first time that Leandro has worked with such a big company; his portfolio includes brands such as Nike, Apple, Disney and so many more. No wonder YouTube had to grab him.

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