GFriend’s Sowon is under fire after she posted pictures with a state wearing a Nazi uniform. The pictures were quick to spread on social media, and Twitter was not happy. Many people criticized the singer.

Sowon is known for posting pictures from her daily life. However, her recent picture caused chaos. It is unknown where the singer took the picture. However, her followers were not pleased. She decided to act on it immediately and took the picture down.

GFriend Sowon controversy

Sowon has an Instagram following of 816k, and it was only a matter of seconds for people to notice the pictures she has uploaded. Her recent picture with the statue wearing a Nazi uniform was quick to get negative comments, and the singer decided to take it down.

Fans have been upset with fellow band member SinB as well. Many noticed that she tends to call Sowon ‘Kitler’ as a joke. They pointed out how SinB would often refer to Sowon with that name as it was a mix of Kim Sojung (Sowon’s real name) and Hitler. Several fans have been disappointed by this and want the band to apologize for the same.

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Twitter reacts to the controversy

After Sowon’s pictures were shared on social media, people reacted to them on Twitter. “So from what I heard GFriend had a Nazi soldier on their set then Sowon decided to pose and take pics with it and only deleted it because ‘the fans would be jealous’ then SinB saved Sowon on her phone as ‘Kitler’ which is a mix of Kim Sojung and Hitler, I honestly have no words,” wrote one user. “It’s ok to cancel Kpop idols+groups when they do or say wildly offensive stuff. You don’t have to give gfriend/Sowon the benefit of the doubt,” read another comment,

However, some defended the singer as one wrote, “What Sowon did was wrong but please don’t take this as an advantage to leave nasty hate comments on Sowon or Gfriend. Educate not spread hate.” “Sowon doesn’t need to leave Gfriend. Gfriend doesn’t need to disband. Hate won’t fix anything. Focus on educating them so they become better people instead!” read another comment.

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