Logan Paul is known for his internet personality, but one appearance of his that shocked fans was on ‘Law and Order: SVU.’ But what episode was he in?

Over the years Logan has managed to make a name for himself. He started his career on YouTube and slowly started his own podcast. He even starred in a movie! His popularity paved the way for him to make a special appearance on ‘Law and Order: SVU.’ Here’s a look at the episode.

Logan Paul on Law and Order SVU

‘Law and Order: SVU’ is known to bring some special faces to the show. Among these, Logan also got a chance. Logan had appeared in Season 16 of the show. The episode titled ‘Intimidation Game‘ saw Logan taking on the role of a villain.

Logan had portrayed the character of Brandon, the head of a gamer gang that had been blackmailing Raina Punjabi, a female game developer who is all set to launch her own video game. His fans were left shocked by the special appearance. However, Logan was thrilled to work alongside some big personalities.

The YouTuber also reflected on working with Ice-T in an interview. “So Ice-T is apparently a big deal and I am not part of the Ice-T generation,” he said. “So he comes on set wearing a cop outfit and goes, ‘Yo, what’s up are you the bad guy?’ And I say, ‘Yeah! Are you the security guard on set today?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I’m the security’ and then just walks away. I thought it was weird and then five minutes later I realized it was Ice-T.”

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What is Logan Paul doing now?

Logan has been currently focusing on his podcast. At the same time, he made headlines for his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather. Logan and Floyd’s fight was set to take place on February 20. However, due to COVID-19, they had to postpone it.

Dana White had also opened up about the fight as he said, “this is gonna be such a 10-sided ridiculous a*s whooping, it’s not even gonna be funny.”