Singer Halsey, 26, shared her pregnancy announcement on social media, but when did Evan Peters and Halsey break up?

On Instagram, Halsey surprised fans by sharing an image of her baby bump. On Instagram, she captioned the image: “Surprise,” and fans certainly were— but mainly because some thought she was still dating Evan Peters, 34.

The singer called her child her “rainbow” on Twitter, a term used for a child born after a miscarriage. Halsey has previously been open about her struggles with miscarriages and endometriosis, including her choice to freeze her eggs at 23.

But some fans have been confused about the father — just to confirm, Evan Peters is not Halsey’s baby daddy. Screenwriter Alev Aydin, 37, is the father of her child, and she even tagged him in the post. Reportedly, they’ve been low-key dating for months now and got matching tattoos in June of 2020.

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When did Evan Peters and Halsey break up?

Evan Peters and Halsey first made their relationship official in October of 2019, appearing together at American Horror Story’s 100th Episode Celebration Halloween event. In a following interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the singer referred to Evan as her “boyfriend”.

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However, Halsey made her affection for the actor clear in 2012, jokingly tweeting about her crush on him and his AHS character.

Although the pair seemed to be going strong, with Evan even going on tour with Halsey, they officially broke up in March 2020. Halsey deleted all their photos together from her Instagram account. There’s been no confirmation as to why they split.

Fans did however speculate reasons during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, which Halsey was present at. Evan Peters’ Twitter account showed at the time he had retweeted a negative tweet about the protests, which a fan shared a screenshot of asking: “Is this why Halsey broke up with you?” Halsey liked the tweet.

Evan Peters later took to his Twitter to confirm that he did not mean to retweet the message and apologized for the “unknowing” retweet:

“I don’t condone the guy watching the news at all in the video which I have deleted. I unknowingly retweeted it. I’m deeply upset it got on my newsfeed. I sincerely apologize if anyone was offended. I support black lives matter wholeheartedly,” he tweeted.

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Who is Evan Peters dating?

As of right now, who Evan Peters is dating is unconfirmed, or if he’s dating anyone at all. The actor hasn’t been spotted with any potential partners recently or shared any hints on social media.

Of course, he has had his fair share of exes and break ups, other than just Halsey. Emma Roberts was with Evan between 2012 and 2019 after they met on set of Adult World. The pair went on to become co-stars on American Horror Story but ultimately ended their engagement in 2019.

Emma Roberts has just had her baby too, so maybe we’re seeing a pattern of exes here— will Lindsay Lohan be next? (Yes, Evan appeared on Lindsay’s famous list).

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