Chloe Bailey is back with another viral TikTok challenge. This time, she’s done her own take on the Silhouette Challenge, and fans are reacting on Twitter.

Just last week, R&B singer Chloe Bailey broke the internet with her version of the viral Buss It Challenge. She reposted the video to her Instagram and got a huge 800,000 likes, and fans were totally obsessed with it.

In fact, the 22-year-old has gained over 500,000 followers on Instagram since she posted the video and has quickly become an internet sensation, now sporting a huge 1.1 million followers on the platform.

Now, just days later, she’s back with another viral TikTok challenge. This time she’s done her take on the popular Silhouette Challenge and fans can’t handle it.

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Watch Chloe Bailey’s Silhouette Challenge

Chloe Bailey has taken to TikTok yet again to take part in the latest viral TikTok trend, the Silhouette Challenge.

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The trend has taken over TikTok over the past few days, usually seeing someone pose in a doorway before turning themself into a black silhouette against a seductive red background.

She didn’t actually tag the video with the hashtag #silhouettechallenge, but fans are taking this as her own version of the viral trend, using blue lights instead of red and completing a dance rather than taking photos.

Chloe only actually has 26,000 followers on TikTok, and the video hasn’t gone viral on there yet. However, she posted the video on her Instagram and it’s already had almost two million views.

She captioned the post: “A special performance for all of you. THANK YOU for all your love and support. Let’s celebrate together in reaching 1Million followers.”

Watch Chloe Bailey’s Silhouette Challenge below!

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Fans react to Chloe Bailey’s Silhouette Challenge on Twitter

Fans have been taking to Twitter to react to Chloe’s unofficial Silhouette Challenge, and there’s been a bit of confusion over whether she knew she was doing the viral trend or not.

Some people were certain that Chloe was doing the Silhouette Challenge.

But others weren’t so sure. Where was the hashtag?

Most fans think she nailed the challenge.

Some people are saying her version of the Silhouette Challenge is even better than the original.

But others are still waiting for her to do the Silhouette Challenge. Properly this time.

This fan just can’t handle her silhouette video.

Either way, Chloe has completely taken over social media and this is her internet now.

Check out her Buss It Challenge too

If you’re a fan of Chloe’s Silhouette Challenge, then you have to check out her Buss It Challenge too. She’s taken over the internet!

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