Animal Crossing’s latest update has added in data for a new event, Festivale, as well as the adorable peacock Pavé. The game’s new update also allows players to craft an adorable Mermaid Fence if they can track down the right resources.

It’s been nearly a full year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons first debuted, which means that the upcoming event, Festivale, is one of the last notable points on the traditional Animal Crossing calendar to not have taken place in New Horizons just yet.

While there will no doubt be more surprises and events added to the calendar over the next year, it’s interesting to see how Nintendo intends to finish up New Horizons’ first full year of fun.

What’s new in Animal Crossing update 1.7?

The patch notes for the new Animal Crossing update specify two major changes: firstly, the introduction of Festivale into the game’s data, and secondly, the fixing of a bug relating to the Mermaid Bridge recipe.

Festivale will take place on February 15. A new visitor to the island, Pavé the peacock, will set the player the task of collecting feathers that are scattered across the island.

This is Animal Crossing’s take on Mardi Gras, but as this is a cutesy all-ages game, don’t expect things to get too risque.

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How to get the Mermaid Bridge in Animal Crossing

The other big change in the new Animal Crossing update fixes a bug that prevented players from getting the Mermaid Bridge DIY recipe from Pascal.

Now, in order to get the recipe, players should catch a Scallop in the ocean. Pascal will then appear and may gift the player a Mermaid recipe. Previously, Pascal wouldn’t give out the Bridge recipe, but this has been fixed, so there’s a chance that the player will receive it.

These changes may be all for the January update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but Nintendo has promised that another update is coming in March. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the game’s second year.

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