General Hospital fans were surprised to see a new face in January 26th’s episode but just why was Jordan Ashford recast and who is the new actress?

The world of films and TV has been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with filming delays, inconsistent release schedules and last-minute recastings.

ABC’s General Hospital has been subjected to all three of these in recent months and in January 26th’s episode, fans were greeted by a new face playing the much-loved Jordan Ashford.

But just why was Jordan Ashford recast in General Hospital and who is the actress replacing Briana Nicole Henry?


Jordan Ashford recast in General Hospital

Fans of ABC’s General Hospital are used to dramatic twists and turns but Tuesday’s (January 26th) episode offered up a twist that no one saw coming.

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In one of the episode’s opening scenes, fans were quick to spot that the character of Jordan Ashford was looking a little different.

It’s revealed by the announcer that Jordan Ashford, who has been a major character on GH since 2014, had been recast for this episode, seemingly out of the blue.


Why was Jordan Ashford recast?

  • Jordan Ashford was recast because usual actress, Briana Nicole Henry, missed several weeks of filming as she had caught Covid-19.

Thankfully, Briana Nicole Henry’s absence from General Hospital is only a temporary one as she was recast while she recovered from Covid-19.

The GH actress revealed that she had caught Covid-19 in an Instagram post on December 7th.

On January 26th, Briana revealed in an Instagram story that she is now back working on General Hospital but confirmed that fans won’t see her playing Jordan for a few episodes.

Briana Nicole Henry is actually the second actress to play Jordan Ashford since 2014 as the character was originally played by Vinessa Antoine before Briana took on the role in 2018.

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Who is the new actress?

  • The new actress playing Jordan Ashford is Tiffany Daniels.

The 40-year-old has been working in the acting industry since making her debut in a 2007 episode of Cold Case.

Since then Tiffany Daniels has earned a total of 61 acting credits according to IMDb and she’s appeared in single episodes of NCIS, Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory.

An accomplished dancer, Tiffany has also appeared in Just Roll with It, Valley Girl, The Fresh Beat Band and even the opening traffic jam dance scene in La La Land.

In Briana Nicole Henry’s Instagram story on January 26th, she revealed that she was close friends with Tiffany Daniels, suggesting that the role is in good hands.

General Hospital continues airing daily on ABC.

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