What happened to Clinton on FBI: Most Wanted? Where is Nathaniel Arcand? Fans are confused by his recent absence in season 2.

Last year ushered in some great television and audiences are still chronicling season 2 of FBI: Most Wanted, which began in November 2020.

Created by René Balcer and serving as a spin-off from Dick Wolf’s FBI, this American crime drama series premiered in January 2020 and was quick to develop a loyal fanbase.

A number of fan favourites have already been established and it’s clear that FBI Special Agent Clinton Skye is one of them.

Played by 49-year-old Canadian actor Nathaniel Arcand, the character has been a regular presence until recently, so what exactly happened to Clinton on FBI: Most Wanted?

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What happened to Clinton on FBI: Most Wanted?

  • It was confirmed via the series’ official Twitter page that Clinton is currently on a special assignment. This explains why the character hasn’t been around in recent episodes of FBI: Most Wanted.

This was confirmed when a fan tweeted “Where’s Clinton?” and the FBI: Most Wanted page replied with “On a special assignment!”

So, there is no reason to worry regarding whether Nathaniel Arcand has left the show or not.

The actor has explained his passion and enthusiasm for the series during interviews, and said the following while in conversation with AssignmentX last year:

“To work for Dick Wolf. I think that’s most actors’ dream, to be working with somebody like that. You come into a successful production company that will put up the numbers like this show does, and then other shows that he’s worked on. It’s overwhelming sometimes, when you think about it.”

He added: “Honestly, this is my first time in this kind of situation, where I’m on a very successful show already, and to be here with this great cast that we have, I think everybody is owed a little bit of congratulations on that, the actors, the writers, producers, everybody involved.”

Fans curious about Clinton’s absence

A number of fans on Twitter have asked where Clinton is, with some saying that they want him back soon.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Where is Nathaniel Arcand?

The decision to have Clinton on a special assignment likely stems from Nathaniel being unavailable to shoot the recent string of episodes.

It’s uncertain at the moment, but perhaps the absence is due to scheduling conflicts. The COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted the schedules of a number of actors across the industry.

Nevertheless, judging from the earlier FBI: Most Wanted tweet, we can expect Clinton back in action in the near future.

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