Jeffree Star being cancelled is nothing new in YouTube history, but what happened this time?

The YouTuber responded to his cancellation in the only way a YouTuber knows how— a YouTube video. Jeffree posted a video titled: “I got CANCELLED again…so I had a $200,000 shopping spree!”

He doesn’t address the drama or ‘cancellation’ in the video, but instead shows him recieveing his customised Louis Vutiton trunk. He does however address the drama in the video description, writing:

“Hey everyone! Welcome BACK to my channel… Instead of talking about the millionth false rumor to hit the internet, I’m exciting to unveil my custom one of a kind PINK Louis Vuitton monogram shoe trunk!!!!!!! Contrary to popular belief and slander, I don’t money shame anyone and we all know I’ve come from literally NOTHING. I created glitter from dirt and will always be grateful for how far I’ve come.”

If you’ve watched the video and are confused about the ‘cancellation’, let us explain it.

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Why was Jeffree Star ‘cancelled’?

The drama essentially involves Jeffree Star, Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson, but let’s start from the beginning.

On January 6th, Jeffree’s hairstylist Hair by Jay went on Instagram Live and ranted about Trisha Paytas, with many insults on her appearance and references to a payment of wigs during the group’s February 2020 Las Vegas trip.

Trisha had previously spoken about the trip on her channel, claiming her friendship with Jeffree ended on it due to what she now calls his “mean girl behaviour”, which she details in her recent videos.

In reaction to Hair by Jay’s rant, Trisha released a video on her channel. During the video she spoke about the Vegas trip and claimed Hair by Jay’s rant had triggered her anxiety from the trip.

Following the videos, Jeffree distanced himself from Hair by Jay, referring to him as his “former wig stylist” on Twitter. A Twitter spat between Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas followed in which he labelled it an “online circus” and claimed he had reached out to Trisha to apologise.

This is essentially what led to Jeffree Star being ‘cancelled’, as he describes it.

Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson was friends with both Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star, during the aftermath of the Vegas trip and at the start of recent drama. However, Trisha took to TikTok and YouTube to explain how hurt she felt over Shane’s alleged failure to defend her. She also references his fiancé, Ryland Adams, hosting Jeffree on his podcast after she says she told them about the trip.

Trisha also went on to make allegations about Shane’s behaviour as a friend himself, which can be seen in the below TikTok.

Ryland Adams spoke about the drama at the start of his latest podcast episode, saying he agrees with Trisha over the Hair by Jay drama but wishes she brought it to him personally first rather than online. Trisha responded by claiming in a video she had done that.

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