Who is Kellyanne Conway? After trending on social media over family related events, people are looking to find out more about her.

Kellyanne Conway regularly find herself on social media and general media alike after daughter Claudia Conway first created her TikTok account. However, many know of her pre-TikTok too, being a well-documented political figure.

Read on to find out more about the political figure herself.

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Who is Kellyanne Conway?

54-year-old Kellyanne Conway was Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and became the first woman campaign manager to win a US presidential election.

After his win, she became senior counsellor to Trump, but quit in August of 2020 to have “less drama, more name.” Around the same time, her husband George Conway also quit his role as co-founder of the Lincoln Project, a Republican campaign against Trump’s re-election.

Previous to her role in the Trump administration, Kellyanne Conway was a political pollster and consultant for targeting women voters.

Kellyanne Conway actually met Donald Trump through husband George when they lived at the Trump Tower. After advising to keep the ‘Trump’ in the name, he impressed the business owner and soon introduced his wife to Trump.

“Knowing what I know now, I would have said no, and never mentioned it when I got home,” said George, who is openly anti-Trump, to the Washington Post later.

On Twitter, she has 3.3 million followers under the handle @kellyannepolls.

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Claudia and her family

Of course, her most recognised child is daughter Claudia. 15-year-old Claudia has a large following of 1.5 million on TikTok. She regularly documents her strained relationship with her mother on social media.

The family also consists of Claudia’s twin brother George IV and two younger sisters Charlotte and Vanessa.  

Husband George Conway is an American lawyer and they married in 2001. Many media publications and political supporters have been interested in their relationship due to George’s stance on Trump, while Kellyanne worked closely with him.

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