Chris Hansen has been trending on Twitter and people want to know more about him and his background, so who is Chris Hansen?

Journalist and TV host Chris Hansen is a familiar face and household name for many, however others, potentially younger audiences, don’t know much about him.

Before we unpack his relevance on the internet today, let’s look at what made him so recognised in the first place

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Who is Chris Hansen?

61-year-old Chris Hansen first paved his way in journalism on Dateline NBC as a reported covering serious events ranging  from Columbine to 9/11.

However, it wasn’t until he started the show To Catch a Predator on Dateline in 2004 that he became so well-known. The show set up sting operations for potential child predators, meeting them on chat rooms while impersonating as a child. The meeting place would end up being a ‘sting houses’ where the camera crew would wait.

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The show spiralled into spin-off versions after its success, including To Catch a Con Man and To Catch an I.D Thief.

Now, Chris Hansen has a popular YouTube channel under his own name with 340,000 subscribers. On Instagram, he has 43,000 followers under the handle @officialchrishansen. Similarly, his Twitter is @chrishansen where he has over 100,000 followers.

Chris has a previous marriage with Mary Joan Hansen, who he has two sons with. They divorced in 2019 and he is now in a relationship with girlfriend Gabrielle, who he regularly shares images with on Instagram.

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His YouTube series on Onision

In 2019, Chris Hansen gained notoriety on YouTube after starting a series following various allegations against Onision. He hosted some of Onision’s accusers and was at one point facing a lawsuit from him after showing up at his house, however it was later dropped.

Now, he features in the Discovery+ documentary on the Onision allegations as an interview subject. The show is titled Onision: In Real Life, and is available to watch now.

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