Marcella returns to ITV for season 3 on January 26th making now the perfect time to recap the events of Marcella season 2.

ITV’s Marcella has been a massive hit ever since it arrived on our screens in 2016, earning lead actress Anna Friel an Emmy for her performance.

In October 2018, Marcella was renewed for a third season which will be making its debut on ITV on January 26th, 2021.

But just what happened in season 2 of Marcella and where do we find her ahead of season 3? Keep reading for a full recap of Marcella season 2.

Marcella season 2 recap

Season 2 of the skin-crawling series first aired on ITV in February 2018.

The eight-episode instalment saw Marcella Backland and co. investigating a serial killer whose victims are children.


However, the case takes on a personal perspective for Marcella as the first victim uncovered is revealed to be a friend of her own son, Howard, who later becomes a part of the case as he’s kidnapped by the killer.

Episode 8 finally the pieces the various parts of the puzzle together and the identity of the killer is revealed to be a woman named Jane Coletti, the mother of a girl named Samantha at Howard’s school.

It’s explained that Jane and her brother were the victims of abuse as children courtesy of their sinister father.

When Jane’s brother grew up to be abusive himself, Jane put a stop to that by lobotomising him, leaving him a shell of a person.

However, Jane didn’t stop there and set about preventing other children from growing up to become abusers as well.


In the midst of the investigation, Marcella had been put under more stress than ever.

Not only was she going through a divorce, with a messy custody battle at its centre, but Marcella also continued to suffer from memory blackouts.

In order to restore these memories, she had been seeing a hypnotic therapist.

However, the final hypnosis session in episode 8 has dramatic consequences as it’s revealed that Marcella was responsible for the death of her own baby daughter, Juliet.

To say this throws Marcella off the rails would be an understatement.

After waiving custody of her children, she heads to the roof of the police station but before she can jump off, Rav talks her down but while they’re talking back inside, Marcella knocks him out and flees.

Before she disappears into the night, Marvella cuts off chunks of her hair and slices cheek with he pair of scissors.

Nine days later, a now-homeless Marcella is found by a man named Frank, an associate of Laura, who reveals a shocking twist.

Due to a DNA mixup, Marcella Backland officially died in a fire.

This mysterious Frank sees this as an opportunity to recruit Marcella for some undercover work, which is where her story picks up in season 3.


Marcella season 3 on ITV

After airing on Netflix internationally in June 2020, season 3 of Marcella finally arrives on ITV on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021.

The new batch of eight episodes sees Marcella assume a new identity, Keira Devlin.

She is now working undercover in Northern Ireland and must get close to the almost invincible Maguire crime family.

Episode 1 of Marcella season 3 airs at 9pm on ITV on January 26th while the full series is expected to release on ITV Hub shortly after broadcast.

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