YouTuber James Charles is breaking his silence about a video that alleged he sent his nudes. Here’s what really happened.

James found himself in the middle of a social media scandal when a TikTok star posted a video allegedly exposing him. He decided to put an end to this discussion by coming forward and stating facts. Luckily, James had screenshots that proved his innocence.

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What was the video about?

A TikTok user claimed that James had commented on one of his TikTok and soon approached him on Snapchat. The two started talking, but their conversation ended after James found out that the person he was talking to was straight, the TikTok user alleges.

The video goes on to state that there were other guys who happened to be in a similar situation. The TikTok video hinted James had approached other guys in the same way. The video ends with the TikTok user claiming that James had sent him a “nude out of the blue.”

Seeing how the video was gaining attention, James decided to respond to these claims.

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James Charles responds to nude picture claim

The YouTuber decided to break his silence before things got out of hand. Replying to one of the comments James wrote, “nah the guy said he was bi & wanted to experiment but was scared because of his religion so I told him that he shouldn’t be. I never sent him a nude, & then stopped talking to him when he told me he was straight a week later. he’s upset because I unadded him a few days ago lol.”

James also shared screenshots of the conversation between them. In that, the TikTok user has admitted his mistake and apologized to James. “I confronted him a few nights ago & he sent me these and promised to delete them, and then 10 minutes later unsent it all! luckily I screenshotted it all before he could,” James further wrote.

He also called for social media policies to be changed as he wrote, “social media apps should have stronger policies around spreading false information… it’s actually insane how one person can fake a story or screenshot for clout and people will believe it because it’s entertaining. It’s all fun and laughs until it happens to you.”

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