Vanessa Hudgens has become the centre of Twitter drama once again, but this time the situation is slightly more odd, as users are unhappy after the star shared a picture in front of the Forth Bridge, Scotland.

People were quick to jump onto Twitter to share their opinions after Vanessa posted the photograph of her posing in Edinburgh, with some claiming she should not be travelling during the pandemic.

It turns out that Vanessa is in Scotland to finish filming on the third Princess Switch movie for Netflix.

Some fans shared their shock online after seeing Vanessa somewhere so close to them.

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Why is Vanessa Hudgens in Scotland?

Fans were shocked when Vanessa Hudgens posted a photograph on Instagram of her posing in front of the Forth Bridge in Scotland.

She later posted another picture, in front of a sign which read “Loch Road,” and captioned it: “Loch- Ness.”

People began to wonder why Vanessa would be in Scotland, but Capital states that she is currently filming the third Princess Switch movie.

Vanessa has been in Scotland for the past few weeks in order to get filming on the seasonal Netflix movie wrapped up in time for Christmas.

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Twitter reacts to Vanessa Hudgens’ Scotland picture

People did not attempt to hide their shock after Vanessa posted the first photo, and many took to Twitter to share their opinions on the situation.

Some Twitter users criticised Vanessa for travelling during a pandemic, while others stood up for her, claiming other actors have travelled for jobs during this time.

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