Amanda Bynes shocked fans after posting a teaser to a rap song called “Diamonds” on her Instagram account, telling fans she was “hyped on this track!”

Her followers were not expecting Amanda to release music, especially rap, although she has ventured into music before when she starred in Hairspray back in 2007.

People took to Twitter to share their opinions on the song, with one user writing: “Amanda Bynes is rapping now?”

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Amanda Bynes releases rap song teaser “Diamonds”

Amanda Bynes surprised fans after releasing a teaser for her new rap song “Diamonds” on her Instagram account.

The song features Amanda rapping the words “Diamonds, Diamonds on my neck, on my wrist,”“over a heavy trap beat.

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There has been no confirmation of a release date for the full song or any sign of an upcoming album.

Amanda Bynes captioned the video: “Hyped on this track!”

What is Amanda Bynes’ Instagram?

In October 2020, Amanda Bynes deleted all her previous Instagram pictures and changed her Instagram username.

Amanda’s new username is “matteblackfragrance” and she has over 500 thousand followers.

Her first photograph on Instagram shows off her new look with dark hair and glasses. She tagged her fiancé, Paul Michael in the picture and turned off comments.