New rumours are circulating social media that Attack on Titan season 4 is being cancelled following fan harassment and news of the mid-season break.

Attack on Titan may be the biggest (and potentially best) anime in the world, but even this series is not immune to online speculation.

A series of rumours have started circulating social media that Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season is being cancelled by MAPPA.

Is Attack on Titan season 4 cancelled?

  • No, Attack on Titan season 4 is not cancelled despite a minority of fans attempting to boycott the series and harassing staff members at MAPPA.

There have been a series of unsubstantiated rumours circulating social media that the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan is being cancelled.

However, there have been numerous viewers attempting to ‘cancel’ the series on social media through extremely-negative critiques.

Fans harass MAPPA’s staff…

Unfortunately, a small minority of Attack on Titan fans have taken to social media to harass members of MAPPA studios.

Many of their comments have been focused on the animation style and the use of CGI in the new episodes.

MAPPA took over production from Studio WIT for the fourth season and have, successfully, used 3D models to provide smoother action sequences.

However, there are concerns from fans that the constant bombardment from these fans could affect the production of Attack on Titan’s final season

MAPPA respond to the criticism…

Whilst the vast majority of the Attack on Titan fanbase has condemned the online harassment, MAPPA themselves have also provided an unofficial statement on the matter.

Twitter fan-page ‘Spytrue’ shared a translation of an anonymous message from a MAPPA employee.

The statement explains how “all the staff working on this season [have] been pouring their sweat, blood, and tears into making this show look as good as it can be in an insanely short amount of time.”

Whilst viewers are entitled to have their own opinion, the staffer reiterates that there is a line between critique and harassment that some fans are crossing.

“You are free to have your own opinion on the show. However, constantly bothering and harassing the staff is unacceptable. Having the courtesy to at least respect the insane effort being put in the show would be appreciated. Let’s be mature.” – MAPPA staffer, via Spytrue.

This article will be updated if any new information on the situation is revealed, or if MAPPA releases an official statement on the matter.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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