JoJo Siwa became the latest victim of a swatting incident. The YouTube personality was asked to evacuate her house. But what really happened?

‘The Dance Moms’ star opened up about being swatted out of her house after she opened up about her sexuality. JoJo revealed the details of the event on her social media. She was quick to add that media was present when the incident had taken place.

JoJo Siwa swatting incident

A swatting is an act where one calls the police in the form of a prank call and reports an incident that never took place. JoJo was the latest victim of this prank. It is unknown, at the moment, who had made that call. However, JoJo believes that media could have played a role in it.

Taking to her social media, JoJo explained why she was asked to evacuate her house. “We were at the house, and all of a sudden, a whole bunch of police was asking us to come out,” she revealed. “We went outside, hands up because you have to follow the rules. The police were saying somebody had called and made a claim, and then all of a sudden, paparazzi came from around the corner.

She continued, “It is called swatting where the media will actually call the police so that way you have to come outside your house.” JoJo revealed she thinks her TikTok video about “coming out to the internet” could be the reason for the incident to take place.

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JoJo ended the video by stating she was fine. However, the reality star added that she had hoped the police could have spent their time doing something better than getting involved because of a prank call.

JoJo Siwa TiTok video

JoJo posted a TikTok video that had everyone convinced she was coming out. The video showed JoJo singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ with rainbow lights switched on in her room. Fans were quick to send their good wishes to her.

Following this, JoJo confirmed the news as she shared a picture of a T-Shirt she received from her cousin. The T-Shirt had “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever” written on it.

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