Is Sanditon season 2 confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the ITV series as fans continue to investigate its future.

Netflix audiences have recently championed the period drama series Bridgerton and its success has compelled some to reflect on the fate of Sanditon.

Adapted by Andrew Davies from an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript, the series was set during the Regency era and centred upon Charlotte Heywood’s (played by Rose Williams) life in the titular seaside resort.

It premiered on ITV back in August 2019 and in the United States on PBS in January 2020. Across 8 episodes, the team branched off from the source material to create their own storylines and character relationships, so admirers of the show were hopeful it would get the chance to develop with a second season.

So, what exactly is the situation with Sanditon season 2?

Sanditon Main Cast (ITV)

Is Sanditon season 2 confirmed?

  • ITV officially announced that Sanditon was cancelled in December 2019. However, recent updates suggest that season 2 may be on the cards…

As highlighted by Film Daily, arguably the biggest reason that fans are convinced season 2 is on the way stems from an office lease. In January 2021, some discovered – on a government website – a new lease for the building used for Sanditon’s production on season 1. The document was named Sanditon II, which had led some of the show’s admirers to believe new episodes are going ahead.

Meanwhile, others also found themselves on UK Casting News, a professional website which had a listing for Sanditon dated January 15th. The information also included that production was scheduled to take place in summer 2021.

Film Daily also adds that a tweet from script supervisor Liam Hoops acknowledged the online murmurs of more Sanditon, although he included that he hadn’t heard any official information.

So, there is some hope. Nevertheless, it’s important to address that no official announcement has been made regarding Sanditon’s renewal, and as a result, it remains uncertain whether season 2 will become a reality or not.

Belinda Campbell on Sanditon being cancelled

While speaking with Vulture in February 2020, producer Belinda Campbell was asked if a second season could still happen. She responded:

“We’ve always said, and ITV has also said that they would like to see it get picked up and carried on elsewhere. But the truth is, it just didn’t get the numbers high enough. So were it to continue, we would need a new partner. Which is why the U.S. figures matter, because if it does well and people love it, then these things can happen.”

When asked whether Charlotte and Sidney would get together if a second season went ahead, she added: “Absolutely! We’re not that perverse!”

Sanditon (Red Planet Pictures, ITV)

Fans talk Sanditon season 2 on Twitter

A number of Sanditon fans have recently hopped onto Twitter to share their thoughts and weigh in on the situation.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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