Who is Ludwika Paleta? Let’s get to know the Daughter From Another Mother star, considering her age, Instagram, roles and husband.

Netflix offered subscribers so many new shows last year and continues to deliver a diverse array of content in 2021.

They have already invited audiences to check out the Mexican comedy series Daughter From Another Mother, originally titled Madre Solo hay Dos.

Created by Carolina Rivera, the series centres on Mariana (Paulina Goto) and Ana (Ludwika Paleta), who harbour very different views on parenting. They are both about to give birth at the same hospital and clash according to their views and personalities.

However, when they venture back home, it turns out that their babies have been switched and the error comes to light four months down the line. In this time, they have connected with one another’s babies and decide they will continue contact, allowing them time with the children they’ve helped raise. Although, this leads to a string of complications.

Since it premiered, some fans have been impressed with Ludwika’s performance, so let’s get to know her a little…

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Ludwika Paleta in Daughter From Another Mother

Ana is played by Polish-Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta, who has landed a wealth of roles across her screen career.

She has three children, one of which – Nicolás Haza – she shares with her former husband, Plutarch Haza, who is also an actor. The pair married in 1998 but divorced a decade later in 2008.

She then married her current husband – Emiliano Salinas – in 2013 and the couple share twins, Barbara and Sebastian.

As for her family, her father is Zbigniew Paleta, a musician and composer of films and telenovelas, while it’s also worth mentioning that her sister Dominika is also an actress.

Now, where exactly have we seen Ludwika on screen before?

Ludwika Paleta: Age and previous roles

According to IMDb, the 42-year-old actress first appeared on screens in a 1989 episode of Carrusel (she played María Joaquina Villaseñor).

She went on to land a recurring role on El abuelo y yo (Alejandra), also starring in such shows as Hurricane (Norma Vargaslugo) and Amigas y rivales (Jimena de la O).

Later and notable TV roles also include Wooden Woman (Aída Santibáñez Villalpando), Duel of Passions (Alina Montellano), Palabra de mujer (Paulina Álvarez y Junco), Los exitosos Pérez (Soledad ‘Sol’ Duarte de Pérez), Abyss of Passion (Estefanía de Castañón) and La Querida Del Centauro (Yolanda Acosta).

It’s not all TV though, as she has also been in such movies as Modern Loves (Ana), Rubriosa 3 (Zsa Zsa Gabor), Parallel Roads (Gaby), Volando Bajo (Toribia Venegas), El Libro de Piedra (Mariana) and more.

Looking ahead, she’s already set to star in a comedy movie from director Maria Ripoll called Guerra de Likes.

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Follow her on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Ludwika’s work in Daughter From Another Mother and fancy checking out her social media, then you’re in luck.

You can find her on Instagram at @ludwika_paleta; she has 2.6m followers.

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