Cut Throat City arrived on US Netflix in January 2021 but the film’s ending and the fate of Blink have left fans with questions and need to be explained.

After a limited release in theaters and on digital stores last year, Cut Throat City has made its way onto Netflix in the US.

The film tells the story of a group of four New Orleans friends who embark on series of daring heists in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

However, Cut Throat City’s ending, and the fate of the character Blink, has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Cut Throat City on Netflix

After releasing in select theaters and on digital stores in August last year, Cut Throat City has finally made its way onto Netflix, releasing on January 21st, 2021.

The film tells the story of four friends from New Orleans who embark on a series of daring heists following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

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While residents of the city are left to struggle, wealthy companies use the disaster to make even more money through unfair use of FEMA checks.

Blink (Shameik Moore) and his team want to put and end to this injustice.

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Ending explained

Things immediately go wrong for Blink and his crew during the first heist as they’re set upon by cops straight away.

Andre is killed during the heist and the surviving trio explain to Cousin that what little money was stolen went towards his funeral, something the crime boss is not too happy about.

When Blink, Miracle and Junior can only give Cousin a small bag of casino chips, he immediately thinks they’ve stolen from him, which they have.

The trio manage to escape Cousin’s capture and go on the run from both the crime boss and the cops, taking refuge with Blink’s father.

It’s not long before they must return to the city, however, while the police investigation, led by Eiza González’s Lucinda tightens around them.

Luckily, their Cousin problem doesn’t last long as he’s stepped on the toes of an even bigger gangster kingpin, The Saint, and is killed.

Blink and his surviving friends have a chance to go straight as Cousin is framed for the earlier heist.

However, the trio are left back at square one, with nothing and so decide to make one final move to climb their way out of the gutter, another heist.

Their target is the safe at a FEMA disaster recovery center but once again, the cops’ response is swift and each member of the crew is gunned down.

The film doesn’t end there though as the next scene appears to show Blink still alive and has made a success out of his art, publishing a book.

But is there more to this scene than meets the eye?

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Did Blink really die?

  • Blink’s fate in Cut Throat City appears to be open to interpretation.

It is this writer’s view, however, that Blink did die during the failed heist as the end of the movie.

What we’re seeing with the book launch event could possibly be an alternate timeline where Blink has put his life of crime to one side, did not take part in the final heist and instead, has succeeded in finding a publisher for his art.

Our belief that Blink is dead for good is cemented by the fact that his wife and child travel to his father’s shack in order to seek refuge.

If the book launch event was real and Blink had made a success of himself, would they not be able to find a nicer place to live?

Saying that, during the final heist, it also looks as if Miracle is shot dead too.

However, a mid-credits scene shows that Demetrius Shipp Jr’s character survived the shootout and is now working with Ethan Hawke’s shady Jackson Symms.

If Miracle managed to survive, what’s to say Blink also didn’t die?

Cut Throat City is available to stream now on US Netflix after arriving on January 21st, 2021 while the film is also available to buy or rent digitally.

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