TikTok is full of new challenges and trends every few weeks, and when a challenge is created it sweeps through the app quickly gathering popularity.

Some TikTok trends are rather wholesome, and the Happy Dog challenge definitely falls under this category as it involves TikTok users showing off their… you guessed it… happy dogs!

If you need a boost of serotonin or just really love dogs, then this challenge is certainly one for you to enjoy as TikTok users are flooding the app with adorable videos of their precious pooches.

What is the Happy Dog TikTok Challenge?

The Happy Dog TikTok Challenge is one that everybody can get behind, as all it requires is a camera and a very happy dog.

It has been made clear over the years, that the internet loves dogs and this challenge only proves that idea, as the Happy Dog videos are racking up millions of likes.

The videos feature a “Happy Dog” song in the background, and a video of a dog looking extra happy- either rolling around, jumping, or just being excitable.

Who started the Happy Dog TikTok Challenge?

The trend was started by a TikTok user who goes by the name “deejaymoo41.”

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The TikTok user uploaded a video in April 2020, showing off his golden retriever happily rolling around on the floor by his feet, which he accompanied with a song he made up.

The song has now been used in over 107 thousand videos, in which people all over the world have been showing off their own happy dogs.

While the original video was posted last year, the sound has come back in style, and people have been posting hundreds of dog videos to the viral sound over the past week.

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