Fans think Jojo Siwa came out as gay in a recent TikTok video. She hasn’t confirmed it yet, but here’s all the evidence.

If you were on Twitter on Wednesday, you probably saw Jojo Siwa’s name trending. Amid Joe Biden’s Inauguration, everyone suddenly stopped talking about politics and instead began to discuss the 17-year-old social media star, but why?

Well, Jojo posted a new TikTok video, and fans think it was her way of coming out as gay. Whilst she hasn’t yet confirmed the rumours, the evidence certainly is convincing.

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Jojo Siwa dances to Lady Gaga on TikTok

On Wednesday (January 20th), Jojo Siwa took to TikTok to post a video that fans think has a much deeper meaning than first seems.

The social media personality posted a short clip in which she sang and danced to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

At first glance, the video doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, as Jojo often takes to the app to post dance videos. However, fans think Jojo was actually coming out as gay, and here’s why.

Fans think she just came out as gay

There are a number of different reasons why fans think the video was Jojo’s way of coming out as gay.

Firstly, the song Born This Way is widely regarded as an LGBTQ anthem. The song, which was released in 2011, is inspired by music from the 1990s which empowered women and the gay community and has been described by Gaga herself as her ‘freedom song’.

The particular part of the song that Jojo sang along to in her video also gave an indication that she was coming out. Coming from a verse near the end of the track, the lyrics said:

“No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to survive.
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to be brave.”

In the video, Jojo also played flashing multicoloured lights which could symbolise the LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag, and her signature Jojo bow had small rainbows on it.

Other LGBTQ+ content creators have commented on the video

If that wasn’t enough evidence that Jojo was coming out as gay, there’s more. A number of different LGBTQ content creators have commented on the TikTok video congratulating Jojo.

Avery Cyrus said “Awh the little rainbow bow, you’re so precious” whilet James Charles wrote: “I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU.”

Bretman Rock commented “Happy for you Jojo” with a rainbow emoji and Anna McDaniel said: “JOJO SIWA JUST CAME OUT OH.”

However, Jojo is yet to confirm whether the coming out rumours are true.

@itsjojosiwa TikTok 20/1/2021

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