The Predator has come to Fortnite, and players who visit his apartment can earn themselves the special Bio Helmet Online emote which can’t be found through other means.

The standard Predator skin is currently a secret reward for those who are able to defeat the Predator boss character in Stealthy Stronghold. The Bio Helmet Online is a variant of the first design without its mask, meaning that players can dress as the Predator while still showing off their face.

The Bio Helmet Online can only be unlocked by Fortnite players who already have the Predator costume, and even then, it requires the player locating and visiting the Predator’s secret apartment.

Where is the Predator’s apartment in Fortnite?

The Predator’s apartment in Fortnite is located in a building to the North-East of Hunter’s Haven. It’s higher up than many of the surrounding buildings and has a lot of stairs leading up to it.

Once inside, you’ll be able to see the Predator’s command module and pod. In order to unlock the Bio Helment Online emote you’ll need to have the Predator’s suit equipped when you are inside the apartment.

Be careful on your way there, as the Predator’s apartment will be very popular with other Fortnite players looking to complete the challenge – and additional players looking to take out anyone else who might want to visit.

How to deal damage while thermal is active

In addition to finding the Predator’s apartment, another Fortnite challenge will task you with dealing damage while thermal vision is active. The Predator skin doesn’t actually provide thermal vision, so instead you’ll need a Thermal Fish.

Thermal Fish can be found across the map at various fishing locations, although they can be a little rare. You’ll need to fish one out of the water, then eat it to gain thermal vision.

Once you’ve got thermal vision, it’s simply a matter of attacking and damaging another player. This Fortnite mission is more obtuse than the relatively straightforward task of finding the Predator’s apartment, but as it can be done anywhere on the map, you don’t need to go to a specific location.

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