Is the Bulletproof season 4 release date confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the Sky series as fans flock to season 3.

Although production issues and delays were rife in 2020, it was arguably still an impressive year for TV output, with audiences able to check out new titles and the return of familiar favourites.

Speaking of familiar favourites, Bulletproof recently returned to screens with season 3 – Bulletproof: South Africa – on Wednesday, January 20th 2021, ushering in another year of excitement on the small screen.

Created by Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters and Nick Love, the series premiered back in 2018 and immediately earned an adoring fanbase.

Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike Jr. are once again back in action, but hopes have already turned to the detective duo returning for a fourth season.

So, has Bulletproof season 4 been confirmed and is there a release date yet?


Is the Bulletproof season 4 release date confirmed?

  • Bulletproof season 4 has officially been confirmed but, as of yet, there is no release date information.

However, Telly Mix includes that filming on the forthcoming season is set to begin in London later this year. So, if things run smoothly, then we could see Bulletproof return in late 2021 at the earliest.

On the other hand, considering a specific filming date hasn’t been announced, an early 2022 release date appears more likely.

As for what to expect, the teaser has already provided some brief insight: “Bishop and Pike are set to be implicated in a grisly murder, leaving their jobs, lives and families hanging in the balance. The pair must use every ounce of skill and tenacity to bring down the most untouchable villain they’ve ever faced.”

Season 4 will be made up of 8 episodes in total.

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Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters on Bulletproof season 4

Addressing the renewal news, the central stars have offered their reactions and Noel recently said:

“We are ecstatic that Bulletproof has been commissioned for yet another season. It is a testament to the hard-working cast, crew, and everyone behind the scenes making it all happen. We work hard to bring you something entertaining and heartfelt and we hope you enjoy it when it returns!”

Similarly, Ashley echoed this excitement and added: “I am so pleased we can continue the journey of Bishop and Pike. This show has stood the test of time because of the heart we put into it. We really appreciate the support we have had from all that have watched. See you again soon.”

Fans react to the news

After checking out season 3, a number of fans have already hopped on Twitter to express their excitement for season 4.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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