Yesterday may have been Joe Biden’s big day, but Bernie Sanders stole the show with his mittens, and the inauguration 2021 memes that followed.

January 20th marked the day America welcomed a new president, but this politician was the main focus for Twitter instead. Bernie Sanders is an American politician, who was in the run for presidency nomination. However, he halted his campaign after Joe Biden was set to win the Democratic nomination.

Suites and ties were out in force during the inauguration day 2021, but Bernie Sanders chose to sport a full-winter look including large mittens.

He was pictured sitting on a chair, seemingly fairly glum and far away from people. The image of him, large mittens and giant coat in tow, sitting alone has caught on and truly set Twitter alight.

Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders’ mittens

Before we show you the best versions of the 2021 inauguration memes about them, let’s look at the heartfelt story behind the mittens.

According to NBC Boston, the mittens were made from up-cycled clothing by a local Vermont woman. Jen Ellis said her daughter attended a child-care centre owned by a relative of Sanders’. When she made gifts for the staff, one of them managed to get a pair to Bernie Sanders.

2021 inauguration day wasn’t the first time Bernie Sanders has worn them either. During his brief run for president in 2020 he sported them during the campaign trial, and even wore them during interviews in Vermont.

Photo by JONATHAN ERNST/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

15 best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes 2021

In West Philadelphia Vermont born and raised:

Bernie takes on rap album covers:

On Wednesday, we wear mittens:

The new episode of The Office looks a little different:

Bernie Sanders making American history, other than just the 2021 inauguration:

Can he still do the clap with the mittens on?

Bernie Sanders at inauguration day 2021 MET ball:

Let’s just hope Chasing Cars doesn’t begin to play at any point:

“Nobody puts Bernie in the corner”:

Bernie Sanders at inauguration day 2021? Some would rather he be on a Harry Styles music video set apparently:

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