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Speaking on the Robbie Fowler Podcast, the man himself has shared what Jurgen Klopp did after Liverpool lost the Europa League final to Sevilla.

Klopp’s first season in charge at Anfield didn’t have the fairytale ending everyone had hoped for as the Reds failed to win the Europa League for the first time since 2001.

Understandably, spirits were low around the squad at this time, but it didn’t take Klopp long to get everyone back on the right track, with Robbie Fowler recalling a speech he made after the final.

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“I go back to maybe four years ago when we lost that Europa League final to Sevilla, I remember going back to the hotel and I was involved in the club, a part of the club,” Fowler began.

“And I remember going into the hotel, the club had a function and you were in there and the players, rightly so, went back to the hotel and they were all massively upset, they were gutted, so subdued it was frightening.

“And then you just got onto the microphone and just gave out this big speech, and you probably won’t even remember it because you’ve done that many, but it was just a case of ‘look we’ll get to where we want to be and where we need to be pretty soon’.”

“But your speech was so motivational, I actually thought we’d actually won the cup that year, it was incredible. The next minute everyone is having a drink and enjoying themselves and I thought ‘wow this man is special, he really is’.”

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We wish someone had filmed this speech, because it sounds absolutely incredible.

The German exudes personality whenever he speaks, so listening to him rally the troops after losing a final must have been incredible, which is exactly how Fowler described it.

Klopp was right as well, Liverpool managed to get to where they wanted to be very quickly, becoming Champions of Europe in 2019, and Premier League winners in 2020.

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