Nats Getty now identifies as transgender and non-binary! Here’s everything you need to know about the model.

Most people know Nats Getty as a model and LGBTQ+ activist who is married to Canadian YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, but there is actually a lot more to discover about Nats’ life and family.

Did you know that Nats comes from the really famous Getty family who founded an oil company in the 20th century? No, neither did we!

Let’s delve a little deeper into Nats’ life…

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Who is Nats Getty?

Natalia Williams, better known as Nat’s Getty is an American model, socialite, designer, artist and LGBTQ+ rights activist.

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The 28-year-old was born in Los Angeles and spent most of their childhood in Santa Monica before moving to England at eight years old and attending a boarding school in Oxford.

Nats has 164,000 followers on her Instagram @natsgetty, and often posts photos with their wife Gigi Gorgeous who is a popular YouTuber and social media personality with almost three million subscribers.

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Nats Getty comes from a very famous family

Nats is part of the famous Getty family who were heavenly involved in the petroleum industry in the 20th century. Their great-grandfather, Jean Paul Getty, founded the company Getty Oil for which the family is now know.

Ariadne Getty, Nats’ mother, is a famous Italian-born American businesswoman, philanthropist and film producer. Nats’ grandfather is John Paul Getty, a British philanthropist and book collector.

Their maternal great-grandmother was famous American silent film actress Ann Rork Lite, and their brother August Getty is an American fashion designer who founded August Getty Atelier.

Nats Getty’s godfather is also American political and businessman Gavin Newsom.

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Nats just came out as transgender and non-binary

Nats Getty now identifies as both transgender and non-binary.

In an Instagram statement posted on Tuesday (January 19th), Nats said:

“I am transgender, non-binary. I have spent my entire life not in sync with with the body I was born with and confined by an outwardly appearance that did not match my mind or soul. It wasn’t until recently that I was even comfortable admitting this to myself, once I was able to look inwards and truly reflect on my authentic self.”

Nats then revealed that they have now decided to start their “physical transition” and get “top surgery”.

“My physical transition is new, so I’m taking the time to discover my most authentic self and which pronouns best suit me. But for now, I know one thing is for certain I am Nats. To my trans brothers and sisters and non-binary family: I am here for you, I am here with you, and I love you,” she said.

Read Nats’ full statement here.

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