Call of Duty Warzone has been integrated with Black Ops Cold War since December, and there has been a myriad of complaints following the integration. Most of the controversy has surrounded people asking for a DMR nerf, but there’s also been plenty of talk about the Overwolf Companion app. While the Overwolf Companion app has been talked about before, below you’ll find out what you need to know about the SBMM tracker for Warzone, and how to use it for lobbies after bouts.

As previously mentioned, the Overwolf Companion app has been heavily talked about within the Call of Duty community. This is because of allegations that it helped players to cheat and this has resulted in it being updated. It’s still available to install and use on PC, but it now only reveals average K/D ratios after the pre-match warm-up so that players don’t leave games.

While the Companion app is still available to use, below you’ll discover how to use the Warzone SBMM tracker.

How to use Warzone SBMM tracker

Know that you cannot use the Warzone SBMM tracker to see the average K/D ratio of lobbies before the start of matches like the Companion app before it was updated.

Instead, you can only use the Warzone SBMM tracker to see the difficulty and overview of your lobby after the game has finished.

To use the feature, all you need to do is head over to the website and enter either your, PSN, Activision, or Xbox Live ID.

You will then be able to find your profile on the website, and you can even enter a specific lobby ID.

The website will tell you the median, average, and top 10% K/D, and it’ll give you a classification of difficulty for your lobby such as Diamond 1, Silver, or Bronze.

This lets you see just how difficult of SBMM lobbies you are competing in for Warzone, and this’ll make you either proud or know why you’re constantly losing.

Again, it can’t be used for lobbies prior to games or during them as the stats can only be analysed afterward.

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