NCIS fans have been left asking “is McGee Leaving NCIS?” after the fan-favorite character was left fighting for his life in season 18, episode 5.

Now in its 18th season, it’s safe to say that we’ve grown quite attached to a number of characters in NCIS.

Tim McGee, played by Sean Murray, has been a cast member since the show began in 2003 and so it’s hard to imagine NCIS without him.

However, episode 5 in season 18, titled Head of the Snake, has left fans fearing for the veteran character with some asking “is McGee leaving NCIS?”


NCIS recap: Head of the Snake

Episode 5 of NCIS season 18 finally brings an end to Gibbs and Forell’s crusade to bring down the head of the drug ring who responsible for the death of Fornell’s daughter, Emily, in season 16.

The elusive crime boss, known as Merriweather, had proposed to meet with Tobias Fornell but when investigating the case, Bishop was kidnapped.

The team spring into action in order to save Bishop and bring down Merriweather.

However, the whole scenario, including a plane that’s about to take off, proves to be a trap that Merriweather had laid for Fornell.

Unfortunately for McGee, he walks right into the trap in Fornell’s place and is about to board the plane in question, which he doesn’t know is laced with explosives.

In order to stop McGee from getting killed in the bomb explosion, Gibbs makes the agonizing decision to shoot McGee, injuring him, in order to save his life.


Is McGee leaving NCIS?

  • The fate of McGee in NCIS in unconfirmed.

After McGee comes out of surgery in the final moments of the episode, he’s still unconscious in bed.

When we and Gibbs leave him at the end of episode 5, he’s seemingly stable but definitely not in a good way.

Time will tell if McGee’s condition worsens or if he’ll hold a grudge against Gibbs for what he did.

Worryingly, the previous episode – which saw McGee and his wife, Delilah, rekindle their love on a vacation in The Bahamas – could hint at an unfortunate fate for McGee.

That’s because he’s just been involved in a really sweet episode where we’ve grown to care for him that little bit more before his life was left hanging in the balance next time out.


Fans fear for McGee

It’s safe to say that fans did not enjoy seeing McGee being shot twice by Gibbs in NCIS on January 19th and many have taken to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Between Gibbs shooting McGee TWICE and Torres frantically searching for Bishop… I was NOT okay. Now I’m going to be impatiently waiting to see how McGee recovers and if Torres will FINALLY tell Bishop how he feels.”

While another added: “Those episodes were WILD! I hope McGee will be okay and I feel so bad for Gibbs.”

And finally, fans hoping to get a hint of McGee’s future from actor Sean Murray will be disappointed to learn that the actor has not discussed any recent episodes of NCIS in his recent tweets, leaving fans to uncover McGee’s fate for themselves.

NCIS continues on CBS on Tuesday, January 26th at 8/7c and fans will no doubt hope there’s good news about McGee.

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