Vanessa Sierra has received backlash after posting a YouTube video of her luxurious quarantine life in Australia. Let’s meet the social media personality.

Cancel culture on social media has become the worst nightmare for many influencers, as it can come out of the blue and destroy a career.

The latest victim of social media has been Vanessa Sierra and it only took an 8-minute-long YouTube video for people to criticise the influencer. Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Vanessa Sierra?

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Vanessa Sierra is a 26-year-old influencer from Sydney and a former contestant of the reality television show Love Island Australia, in 2019.

Vanessa Sierra is active on most social media platforms; currently, she has 103k followers on Instagram, over 91k followers on TikTok and 11k subscribers on YouTube, while she also has a very successful OnlyFans account.

Her first Instagram account, which had around a million followers, got suspended by Instagram because Sierra used the platform to drive her audience to her OnlyFans page.

Sierra is estimated to be one of the highest earners of OnlyFans, while she has made a strong comeback on Instagram too.

The influencer has been dating the Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, who often appears on her social media.

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Her latest YouTube video including Bernard Tomic has caused controversy as the couple seems to be complaining about their luxurious life.

Vanessa Sierra receives death threats after latest YouTube video

On January 18th, Vanessa Sierra posted a YouTube video on her channel showing fans her “life in the Australian Open player bubble”, as she captioned the video.

In the video, Vanessa Sierra expresses dissatisfaction with the food service that the couple is getting at the hotel they are quarantining together and talks about how she can’t wash her own hair as she is used to having hairdressers do it.

People were quick to comment that the model’s behaviour is “bratty” and “ungrateful” amid a pandemic.

Vanessa Sierra decided to respond to the backlash and defend herself after she received death threats.

On an Instagram post, she wrote: “Never thought I’d wake up to 500 death threats and hate after poking fun at myself about my hair. It’s easy to take something out of context when you take 2 sentences out of a 10-minute vlog. People who know me, know I’m not one to complain.”

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