What happened between Spencer and Olivia? The All American season 3 premiere has led fans to speculate on Twitter.

Another year of television is already off to a promising start, with the arrival of new titles like WandaVision and the return of fond favourites such as All American.

Created by April Blair, this American drama series inspired by the life of Spencer Paysinger and starring Daniel Ezra premiered on The CW in 2018 and returned for a second season last year.

Season 3 landed on Monday, January 18th 2021 and has encouraged many to tune in.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll recently explained: “Yes, it is also a football show, but it’s truthfully a show about the Black youth experience in America, and [Spencer] just happens to be a football player.”

It tackles a range of topics, and fans can’t help but feel cheating may be a prominent theme in season 3. So, what happened between Spencer (played by Daniel Ezra) and Olivia (Samantha Logan)?

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All American: What happened between Spencer and Olivia?

  • It’s uncertain what happened between Spencer and Olivia, although it’s implied that something has caused a rift between them. Many fans believe that they got together, cheating on their respective partners.

The season 3 premiere picked things up at the beginning of Spencer’s senior year, leaving what happened between the pair at the Las Vegas trip blank. However, since the trip, there is an awkward distance between them.

They appear to avoid making eye contact with one another and in the closing scene, a hug and a look suggests that something happened which pushed the boundaries of their friendship.

It’s likely that the events which transpired over the summer will be unearthed at some point in season 3, but for now, fans are taking it upon themselves to weigh in their thoughts.

All American fans speculate on Twitter

A number of All American viewers have taken to Twitter, with some arguing that Spencer and Olivia must have hooked up, explaining their actions in season 3 episode 1.

Some have also argued that, if they did cheat, they’re still happy that the pair got together, as plenty have shipped them as a couple from the start.

Check out a selection of tweets:

All American showrunner teases secrets

As noted by ET Online, Nkechi Okoro Carroll revealed ahead of the season 3 premiere:

“Season 3 of All American focuses on the pressures of senior year for our favorite Beverly and Crenshaw teens. They have been away from each other all summer and have now returned with some major summer secrets, the continuous fallout from which will truly test their friendships.”

She added: “And now that Spencer and Billy have rejoined Beverly rival, the South Crenshaw Chargers, the stakes of their football season aren’t just high, they’re personal.”

Needless to say, audiences can’t wait to discover Spencer and Olivia’s secret for themselves.

In other news, when is season 3 on Netflix?