Lubalin has achieved TikTok stardom through his treatment of internet drama. Check out his music and videos as fans shower him with praise.

We’ve all turned to entertainment in some form to help escape the horrors of 2020. Netflix has proven a saving grace, giving us lockdown hits like Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit to sink our teeth into.

Then we have gaming, movies, and of course, music. Ah, what would we have done in 2020 without music? A wealth of phenomenal releases have provided us comfort, coursing through our headphones or speakers to allow us to live new experiences.

While some music has reflected on the events of 2020, it’s safe to say that we’ve all been in need of a good laugh. Arguably, Lubalin has tapped into that desire and yearning like no other musician as of late.

Let’s take a look…

still from ‘Lubalin Makes a Song Out of Facebook Grandmas Arguing’ @Lubalin TikTok, YouTube

Lubalin turns internet drama into TikTok music

This Montreal-based producer and vocalist has scored a significant social media following in December 2020 after unveiling two comedic videos.

In the videos, Lubalin finds feuds between boomers in Facebook comment sections and turns them into songs.

The comments provide the lyrics with Lubalin performing the vocals in his usual style.

Starting with ‘Internet Drama Pt. 1’, he later followed it up with ‘Pt. 2.’ and you can watch them over on his TikTok account; he currently boasts a whopping 939K followers and has already amassed 7.9 million likes.

You can check out both videos – parts 1 & 2 – in the Instagram posts below:

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Fans praise Lubalin on Twitter

In his latest Instagram post, Lubalin wrote: “Remember 7 days ago when I had 400 followers?”

Well, he has plenty of fans now!

Many of them have flocked to Twitter to share the videos with their followers, extending their praise to the creator’s approach. Check out a selection of tweets:

Is Lubalin on Spotify?

Yes, you can check out Lubalin’s music on Spotify and he currently has over 25K monthly listeners.

The internet drama songs aren’t uploaded, but his latest release – Lubalin EP – is available and was released in September 2020.

There are a number of previous singles available to stream too, from 2018’s ‘Listen’ to ‘cycle’, which features on the aforementioned EP.

In other news, Jacob Sartorius’ ‘leak’ is fake.