Jared Porter is currently caught in drama revolving around him sending unsolicited pictures to a reporter, but does he have a wife? Read on to find out about his relationship status.

General Manager of the Mets, Jared Porter, has confessed to sending unsolicited explicit pictures to a sports reporter in 2016. ESPN reported that a foreign correspondent who moved to the US to cover baseball claimed she ignored over 60 messages before receiving the images.

The two are reported to have met in a lift in 2016 and initially began texting on a platonic level, before he began sending selfies in bed alongside invites to meet her in various cities, according to ESPN. However, once the reporter realised the nature of the messages she stopped replying.

In August of 2016, Jared Porter sent a series of 17 images, the first 15 were of a hotel and its restaurant while the final two were of an explicit nature.

When approached by ESPN, Jared Ported first admitted to texting the woman but denied sending any images. When informed the publication had seen them, he alleged: “The more explicit ones are not of me. Those are like, kinda like joke-stock images.”

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Does Jared Porter have a wife?

Of course for many sports fans, the initial question is whether the messages double-whammy as a sign of unfaithfulness too.

In the text messages before the images, the journalist reportedly asked Jared Porter if he was married, to which he responded that he was not married.

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Has he ever been married?

Jared Porter was previously married to Katie Burke but the couple have not been together since 2014 when they divorced, two years before the messages were sent.

Katie Burke’s marriage to Jared Porter wasn’t her first delve into the sporting world, as her father is Brian Burke, a well-known American-Canadian ice hockey analyst for Rogers Media broadcasts.

Her father also was previously the president of hockey operations for the Calgary Flames and the former GM for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the US Olympic Hockey Team.

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