Finding Alice is available to stream on ITV Hub and fans who have binged the series have been left asking if series 2 of Finding Alice is on the cards.

ITV’s Finding Alice arrived on our screens on January 17th and in a break with ITV tradition, all six episodes of the series have been released online in one binge-friendly bundle.

As a result, fans have been able to stream their way through the whole series and have been left wondering if more episodes are on their way.

But will Finding Alice return to ITV for series 2 and if so, where could the story go next?

Finding Alice on ITV

Finding Alice arrived on ITV on Sunday, January 17th, 2021.

Starring Keeley Hawes, Finding Alice tells the story of a couple, Alice and Harry, who after years of dreaming, finally move into their dream home, designed by Harry himself.

However, their 20-year relationship is brought to a sudden end when Harry falls down the stairs and dies.

In unfamiliar surroundings and without the support of her husband, Alice must find a way to cope as she quickly learns of a plethora of shady secrets that Harry had hidden from her.


Finding Alice series 2: Renewal status and release date

  • It has not yet been announced whether Finding Alice will return for series 2.

As the series only released on January 17th, it could be some time before we hear of a second instalment as ITV will likely want to assess viewing figures before committing to another series.

Ordinarily, you’d expect a new series to arrive in around a year’s time so if Finding Alice is indeed renewed, hopefully, it could brighten up our screens in January 2022, although that is purely speculative at the time of writing.


Potential plot of series 2

The final episode of Finding Alice leaves plenty of hanging plot threads and unanswered questions.

While Alice appears to mend most of her familial relationships, there’s a brewing feud with George, Harry’s secret son.

In an audio recording that took place on the night of Harry’s death, George threatens to unearth Harry’s other mystery children, something that could prove troublesome for Alice going forward.

Not least because she believes that property developer Tanvi may have had a child using Harry’s frozen semen.

Tension could easily spark up here as Alice and Tanvi agree to work together in developing the plot of land that was under Harry’s name.

And finally, there is, of course, the rather sizable issue of Alice trying for a baby using what’s left of Harry’s sperm.

While she’s proven to be a little haphazard so far, a pregnancy thrown into the mix could unsettle things for Alice once again in a potential series 2.

Finding Alice is airing weekly on ITV while fans can watch all six episodes now on ITV Hub.

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