ITV’s Finding Alice is available to stream in-full on ITV Hub and the ending of episode 6 has left fans with questions and needs to be explained.

Finding Alice arrived on our screens on January 17th and in a break with ITV tradition, all six episodes of the series have been released online in one binge-friendly bundle.

As a result, fans have been able to stream their way through the whole series.

However, the ending of Finding Alice episode 6 has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

*Spoilers ahead*

Finding Alice on ITV

Finding Alice arrived on ITV on Sunday, January 17th, 2021.

Starring Keeley Hawes, Finding Alice tells the story of a couple, Alice and Harry, who after years of dreaming, finally move into their dream home, designed by Harry himself.

However, their 20-year relationship is brought to a sudden end when Harry falls down the stairs and dies.

In unfamiliar surroundings and without the support of her husband, Alice must find a way to cope as she quickly learns of a plethora of shady secrets that Harry had hidden from her.


Finding Alice’s ending explained

Episode 6 of Finding Alice series 1 sees a number of plot threads tied up, such as Alice’s messy relationships with her family.

However, the final episode also prompts several questions that go unanswered which could prove calamitous moving forward.

The episode looks to tie up a number of relationships, with Alice breaking off contact with Graham, who had taken a shining to her over a deal surrounding Alice’s kitchen.

On top of that, the tense relationship with property developer Tanvi looks like a breeding ground for tension as she and Alice agree to work with each other while it’s also hinted that Tanvi may have known Harry a little better than previously thought.

Meanwhile, Alice’s family look to put their recent ordeal behind them at a party for Nicola but new arrival George, Harry’s secret son who’s looking for a share of inheritance, looks set to rock the boat once again, especially with his revelation that Harry may have had other children.

On top of that, George is revealed to be a hacker and breaks into the smart house’s security systems in order to keep tabs on Alice and Charlotte.

After a sizable falling out owing to the crowded house, Alice and Charlotte finally get a quiet moment to themselves and are able to makeup which sets Charlotte – who has been quite stoic during the ordeal – off into floods of tears, finally beginning the grieving process.

And finally, Alice bookends the episode as she looks to start trying for a baby with the frozen semen left bt Harry.


Setting up season 2

The final episode of Finding Alice leaves plenty of hanging plot threads and unanswered questions that could serve the basis of a potential second series.

While Alice appears to mend most of her familial relationships, most notably with Charlotte, there’s a brewing feud with George, Harry’s secret son, who appears to have had a role to play in his death.

In an audio recording that took place on the night of Harry’s death, George threatens to unearth Harry’s other mystery children, something that could prove troublesome for Alice going forward.

Not least because she believes that property developer Tanvi, who was also close to Harry, may have had a child herself using Harry’s frozen semen.

Tension could easily spark up here as Alice and Tanvi agree to work together in developing the plot of land that was under Harry’s name.

And finally, there is, of course, the rather sizable issue of Alice trying for a baby using what’s left of Harry’s sperm.

While she’s proven to be a little shaky and haphazard so far, a pregnancy thrown into the mix could unsettle things for Alice once again in a potential second series.

Finding Alice is airing weekly on ITV while fans can watch all six episodes now on ITV Hub.

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