Celtic have fallen 21 points behind Rangers in the campaign which they hoped would bring them 10-in-a-row

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Former Celtic players have joined fans in calling for change at Celtic, but there’s one man still standing by Neil Lennon.

With a poll of over 4,000 fans showing less than 21% want Lennon to remain at the club, pressure is mounting.

Fan protests began outside Celtic Park in November following the 2-0 Betfred Cup defeat against Ross County, and Lennon launched an astonishing salvo against the club’s critics at a press conference on Monday.

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With the 21-point lead generated by Rangers appearing to have put paid to Celtic’s 10-in-a-row dreams, former MSP and Celebrity Big Brother star Tommy Sheridan offered the beleaguered manager his support.

In an eight-minute video entitled ‘Celtic Video January 2021. Celtic supporters must have a sense of perspective and history #HH #KTF‘ uploaded to his YouTube channel, Celtic fan Sheridan insisted that the absence of fans in stadiums has had a bigger impact on Celtic than any other side.

He also claimed that critics of Celtic’s trip to Dubai are not fit to take the high ground.

“Hail Hail brothers and sisters” began the 56-year-old, adding: “I’ve been reflecting on how things have been going for the famous Glasgow Celtic this season, and it’s fair to say that we’re all sad.

“We’re all disappointed. but I think it’s essential as Celtic supporters that we have a sense of history, and a sense of proportion.

“We sing, don’t we, one of our most famous songs, ‘If you know your history, it’s enough to make your hearts go nine-in-a-row’.”

Sheridan, who wore a Celtic scarf for the duration of the video, proceeded to hold up a printed-off graphic showing the winners of the previous 20 Scottish top-flight titles.

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He continued: “We’ve reacted very badly to the restrictions that Covid-19 has imposed. We’ve not had the 12th man.

“We’ve not had that famous backing that the Celtic support give to their team, lifting their team, putting more energy in their legs, putting more courage in their hearts.

“And that’s affected us badly. Yeah, some other clubs say that they miss their fans as well, but when you’ve got the best fans in the world of course you’re going to miss them more than any.”

Sheridan went on to say: “Brothers and sisters, we will never give up fighting for the 10.

“While it’s mathematically possible we need to fight for every point. We need to go on a winning run. We need to put pressure on the Rangers, who are sitting top of the league, unaccustomed as they are to that position in such a long time.”

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He went on to take a swipe at those who have criticised Celtic in recent times, saying: “I am a massive Neil Lennon supporter as you know. I’ll continue to support Neil.

“I think he deserves our loyalty and our support when everybody else is giving him a kicking. When everybody else is giving one of ours a kicking I think we should come to their aid.

“Neil Lennon’s been criticised for comments in relation to the Dubai trip, in relation to the attacks from the media. Personally, I think it was a mistake to go to Dubai.

“I think, from a PR perspective, somebody in the PR department at Parkhead should have said ‘No, it won’t look good. We shouldn’t do it’.

“But the idea that it was a ‘jolly’ as it’s been called, is garbage. They were there to train. They were there to get in some intensive work that they’ve not been able to do at Lennoxtown.

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“They did it last season and came back like world-beaters, and we were all dead happy.

“If they hadn’t picked up the Covid problem with big (Christopher) Jullien, beat Hibs, beat Livingston, not a single Celtic fan would have said anything about the Dubai trip.

“Let’s get things into perspective. Let’s remember who it is that’s having a go at Glasgow Celtic.

“Some of the people having a go are talking about morals and standards. and fairness. The same people who won championships when they got their nine-in-a-row by not paying their bloody taxes.

“By giving players ‘loans’ instead of wages, so that they could put it in offshore accounts to avoid paying the taxman so that the schools and hospital were denied money, but they tell us now – these people, these pundits – pontificate about standards and morals.

“You having a laugh? Come on.”

Sheridan added: “We’ve created history, and we’ve won nine-in-a-row twice. No other country (sic) in Scotland can say that.

“Brothers and sisters, stick together as Celtic supporters. Support the club.

“Faithful through and through. Hail Hail.”

Sheridan was the fifth housemate to be evicted in the 2009 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

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