BTS’ Jungkook has sent fans into a craze after posting a selfie of his new blonde hair. But is it a hint to a new comeback? Fans are hoping that is the case!

A perk of being a K-Pop fan is getting all the quality content from their favourite idol all the time. Think live streams and daily selfies.


This morning (January 18th), superstar K-Pop group BTS have done just that as a remedy for the Monday blues.

On the group’s official Naver website, they released a list of unseen selfies, also known as ‘selcas’ of all seven members. Naver is South Korean search engine.

Obviously, Twitter is going wild, especially for youngest member Jungkook’s selfie at the Golden Disk Awards on January 9-10 2021.

Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Jungkook’s hair trends on Twitter

The fan’s, known as ‘army’ flooded Twitter when the saw the selfies and everyone is freaking about Jungkook’s new blonde hair. Apparently, he has never had blonde hair before because he does not want to damage his scalp with all the bleaching involved, so his new hair colour has definitely been a surprise to all!

‘Jungkook selca’ is currently trending worldwide: bet your favourite celebrity doesn’t break the internet with one photo?

Now that he’s officially taken a photo with his new hair, get ready for it to become everyone’s lockscreen wallpaper.

Check out some of the fan reactions:

Why did Jungkook dye his hair blonde?

Because this is the first time the idol has changed his hair colour so dramatically, fans are suspecting some kind of new music will be released.

Idols usually dye their hair when they have an upcoming comeback, so it makes sense that fans are believing this is the case.

According to Korean entertainment website, a BTS mixtape will be released in 2021, and since Jungkook dyed his hair, it might be his mixtape ‘JJK1’.

Fans don’t think it will be a full album comeback from the boys because it hasn’t been long since their latest release; ‘Be’ was their fifth studio album released on November 20th 2020, with leading single “Life Goes On”.

If it is whole group comeback, it is more likely for it to be a single comeback, like when they released “Dynamite” on its own.

Another reason why fans are suspected new music from Jungkook is because his profile picture on his Apple Music has changed. Last time, Suga’s photo changed and the next day, he dropped his mixtape ‘D-2’ under his stage name Agust D.