Celtic continue to deliver fresh material for fans of PR disasters

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There is no more over-used term in Scottish football journalism than ‘astonishing rant’.

At least once a week, a high-profile figure from within the game is accused of having ranted astonishingly, when in reality they’ve just questioned an offside decision or complained about a fixture pile-up.

There is the occasional day, however, when no other term will do.

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Today is one of those days.

Neil Lennon, who was recently seen sipping pints by a pool in Dubai and has watched the last two Celtic matches in his living room, launched into a genuine rant that was genuinely astonishing at Celtic’s press conference.

In a clip that’s already been shared more often than a virus among players returning from an unnecessary trip to Dubai, the Celtic boss took time out from the fight for second place with Aberdeen and Hibs to defend his club.

He said: “Everybody’s negative. The whole squad’s negative bar two players. I think that’s remarkable.

“And I think it totally blows out the water the way the trip, the way the training camp has been portrayed, by certain quarters of the media, by certain pundits, and by certain Government officials as well.

“WE DID NOT ABUSE ANY (actual air quotes) ‘PRIVILEGE’.

“We did the right things. We were absolutely totally professional. We had a little drink in the afternoon on the day off.

“Completely allowed, no law-breaking, yet we come back to this barrage of absolute hypocrisy.”

He’s got a point about the “absolute hypocrisy” in fairness.

Some would say Lennon hasn’t got a leg to stand on, that his defensive reaction to the trip is almost as misguided as the decision to go ahead with the trip in the first place and that what’s truly ‘remarkable’ is having the audacity to boast about having two players test positive, but on the other hand.

Old Firm Facts’ columns are satirical, obviously.

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