Heartland has been one of CBC’s most popular shows for years but just when is season 14, episode 3 airing? How many episodes will there be in total?

Heartland has been one of CBC’s most popular shows over its 13-year run on our screens.

The series continues to draw in a hugely passionate fanbase who were shocked at the surprising fate of Ty Borden during season 14’s opening episode.

Episode 2 follows suit on January 17th but when is episode 3 of Heartland season 14 due to air on CBC and how many episodes will there be in total?

Heartland season 14 on CBC

Heartland returned to CBC on January 10th, 2021 for its long-awaited 14th season.

After being absent from our screens in 2020, the much-loved series wasted no time in breaking fans’ hearts as Ty Borden, one of the show’s longest-serving characters, unexpectedly died in the episode’s opening moments.

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Amy must continue to come to terms with Ty’s unexpected passing and find a way to continue without her late husband.


When is episode 3 released?

  • Episode 3 of Heartland season 14 airs at ET/PT on Sunday, January 24th, 2021.

The episode, titled Making Amends, sees Amy turning her attention to a traumatised racehorse that is owned by Ty’s mother.

Meanwhile, Lou is struggling to make an impact as mayor and an attempt to sell Hudson as a tourist destination only lands her in deeper trouble.


How many episodes?

  • Heartland season 14 will consist of 10 episodes in total.

The total number of episodes in season 14 of Heartland was confirmed alongside the announcement that season 14 had begun filming.

With season 14 consisting of 10 episodes, it follows the same format as season 13 which also featured 10 instalments.

With new episodes airing weekly, season 14 will continue airing until March 14th providing that there are no breaks in the 10-episode run.

Heartland continues weekly on Sundays on CBC while any episodes missed can be streamed via CBC Gem if you’re in Canada.

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