Who is Alex Derbyshire? Read on to find out more about the tattooed woman making headlines, including her popular Instagram account.

Bolton mum, Alex Derbyshire, has been making headlines for her impressive amount of tattoos, and readers want to know more about her and her popular Instagram.

What started out as smaller tattoos at the age of 18, has since transformed into full-body inking. Now, Alex is almost completely covered, which is something she says she aims to do by 2022.

Pieces on her body include larger ones dedicated to Pink Floyd, a large butterfly on her neck, a portrait of Sweeney Todd, and Johnny Cash lyrics.

Perhaps her most notable however is her blackwork: “I started getting it about four years ago. As it’s a completely solid tattoo – almost as if you’re colouring in a piece of paper — it’s more high intensity pain,” she said to Manchester Evening News.

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Who is Alex Derbyshire?

38-year-old Alex is a mother of two from Bolton, Manchester, and works as both a barber and runs a vintage shop.

On Instagram, she has over 20,000 followers under the handle @missvintage82 where she regularly shares images of her tattoos. “I never expected my page to take off in the way it has,” said Alex Derbyshire. “It’s really lovely to connect with fellow tattoo enthusiasts and share our designs with one another. It’s a proper little community.

Her two sons are Joseph, 18, and Liam, 12, who she predicts will follow in her footsteps: “Joseph is 18 now, but doesn’t have any tattoos of his own yet. I can see him getting a couple.”

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Her views on tattoos

Alex began with only small tattoos, which she felt would be easy to cover up. However, after discovering like-minded people online at the age of 30, she soon decided to level-up in terms of tattoos. “When I first started getting tattoos 20 years ago, they weren’t as common as they are now, and not as appreciated as an art form,” said Alex.

“People could still be a little judgemental about them, so I wanted to get them in places I could easily hide and cover up.”

“I was really inspired by the people I was seeing on Instagram – especially other women,” she said.

Alex says she does get the rare negative comment or look while out, but says that she receives mainly positive feedback: “It’s very unnecessary to be judgemental of others – especially when my tattoos are a personal choice. It’s up to me what I do with my body.”

Overall, Alex Derbyshire, says she has no idea how much she’s spent on the inkings but predicts it will be in the thousands.

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