Activision have shared a roadmap for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season One Reloaded, and this promises plenty of fresh content for the newest Call of Duty instalment. Some of this new content involves a new map and mode, meanwhile for Warzone the January 14th update has resulted in some despair about Warzone Solos being removed. Here you’ll discover why Warzone Solos has been removed and is gone, and you’ll also discover all you need to know about BR Buy Back Solos.

When it comes to the January 14th update for Black Ops Cold War, it has added a massive new map named Sanatorium, and there is also a new mode named Dropkick. While the fresh mode doesn’t involve you winning by dropkicking as many players as possible, it’s still a fun feature added thanks to its hot potato nature but with a nuclear briefcase.

The new Dropkick mode is well worth playing in Black Ops Cold War, but – for those who crave familiarity – below you’ll discover why Warzone Solos has been removed, and you’ll also find out all you need to know about BR Buy Back Solos.

Why is Warzone Solos gone?

Warzone Solos is gone because it has been removed via the January 14th update.

As for why Warzone Solos is gone and removed from the playlist, it’s because it has been replaced by the following:


  • Quads
  • Trios
  • Duos
  • Buy Back Solos
  • Plunder Trios

Rebirth Island

  • Resurgence Quads
  • Mini Royale Solo

There’s still Mini Royale Solo and BR Buy Back Solos to enjoy, but the more conventional mode has been removed for the time being.

We don’t know how long it will be gone for, but it will be back as modes frequently disappear from the playlist only to return at a later date.

It could come back on January 21st or February 4th when even more Reloaded content is expected to be added.

What is Buy Back Solos in Warzone?

BR Buy Back Solos in Call of Duty Warzone sees players start with $4,500.

This $4,500 can be used to purchase weapons and loadouts from the Warzone Buy Station, but it is also needed in BR Buy Back Solos in order to respawn.

There is no Gulag available in the mode, and – if you don’t have the cash on your person and are shot within the 20-minute time limit – you will not be able to respawn and continue playing.

Once the 20-minute time limit has run out, the game is more conventional and the last person standing will win.

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