Pokémon Snap is finally happening this year in April with over 200 creatures to film. Trainers and animal lovers are naturally excited about the upcoming game that has been anticipated for so long. Some people are asking what is the new Pokémon Snap pre-order bonus and price, and here you’ll discover the very few details there are to know.

Aside from the exciting game that is coming in April, there are also rumours that Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced in February which would just be incredible. These are rumours rather than anything official, but it’s only natural that long-time fans and trainers are stoked and counting down the days until next month.

But, away from a hypothetical and unconfirmed announcement for Diamond and Pearl remakes, below you’ll find the pre-order bonus and price for the new Pokémon Snap.

How much does Pokémon Snap cost?

The price for how much Pokémon Snap costs is £49.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

As for elsewhere, the new Pokémon Snap is priced at $59.99 and this figure remains for a physical copy over at Best Buy.

There’s not many places you can prematurely buy a physical copy of the upcoming game, so you may want to wait on pre-ordering if you don’t want a digital version.

The game has an April 30th release date and looks absolutely gorgeous. Said to be inspired by the Nintendo 64 classic, the game has stunning visuals and seems poised to be a fantastic getaway from the dreary sights of reality.

What is the new Pokémon Snap pre-order bonus?

No pre-order bonus has been announced for the new Pokémon Snap.

Seeing as there’s no pre-order bonus for the new Pokémon Snap as of writing, you may as well prematurely buy it from the Nintendo eShop if you don’t want a physical copy.

However, you may want to hold off on prematurely buying it if you want a physical copy as it’s not available at many stores as of this moment.

As for the game itself, it promises to allow you to explore beaches, jungles, deserts, and other stunning landscapes to photograph over 200 Pokémon and investigate the ‘mysterious Illumina phenomenon’.

Check out the game’s website to find stunning screenshots and details.