Singer Monica has provided what may be the funniest Buss It Challenge on TikTok.

The Buss It Challenge was created on TikTok and sees users begin the video dancing to the Nelly’s Hot In Herre sample from Erica Banks’ Buss It. Only when the beat drops, they suddenly transform from the casual clothing they was in, to a full-glam look twerking to the chorus of Buss It.

Well, that’s how it normally goes anyway.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival

Monica’s Buss It Challenge

The The Boy Is Mine singer’s version of the Buss It Challenge may have started as the rest do, with Monica in a blue tracksuit and Jordans, lightly dancing to the Nelly sample. However, instead of a floor drop to a club outfit, in walks her son.

“Buss what? You somebody mama. You ain’t bussin nothing,” says her 12-year-old son Romelo.

Originally posting the video to TikTok with over 750,000 likes currently, she further shared it to Instagram, captioning it: “Stay down to all my boy moms! They love us even when they wont let us be great.”

Monica has two other children, 15-year-old Rodney and 7-year-old Laiyah.

See Monica’s Buss It Challenge here:

Fans found the TikTok hilarious

Fans reacted with only positive sentiments to Monica’s Buss It Challenge, across all social media platforms.

“I just spit my juice out! Lol us mommas can still buss it,” commented one fan on TikTok.

A fan on Instagram added: “Literally this is the best one out of everyone that I’ve seen!”

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