Who is Doug Billings? Meet the Right Side podcaster

Max Seeley

Who is Doug Billings? Meet the American podcaster and author who shares the same name as the fictional Doug Billings from the Hangover series.

Who is Doug Billings?

Billings is an American author, podcaster, business leader and self-proclaimed patriot. He is best known for his podcast, The Right Side, in which he covers politics and social commentary.

Doug started his podcast career on June 12, 2020 with the The Right Side Inaugural Podcast and has since expanded his library to 67 episodes.

He is also the author of Your Wonderful Life: No Matter the Past, Life Always Holds Wonder, Joy and Meaning, an “instruction manual to living life to the fullest”according to Google Books.

In it, Billings defines and discusses the virtues of integrity, truth, sincerity, fidelity, mercy, grace, faith and hope.

The book advises readers on prayer, forgiveness and overcoming adversity as parts of a “full life”, and deals with the concepts of atonement and pursuing divinity in life.

Along with his work as an author and podcaster, Billings is also a business man. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a “human sources and talent acquisition leader, employee engagement expert, labor relations and collective bargaining, coach and mentor for professional growth”.

Doug has a master’s degree in curriculum & development (adult learning) and a professional labor relations certification by HR Policy Association.

Doug has been the Executive HR leader for Executive Management Solutions since March 2015. The company is based in Kansas City, Missouri.