What happened to Travis Porter? Twitter has been reminiscing on the group but fans are confused how the group fell off in the first place.

If you was alive between 2010 and 2013 then you’ll know who Travis Porter, unless you were living under a rock that is. The group provided club hit after hit and were THE party people.

But now, a decade on, Twitter have been reminiscing on the group and just how iconic they were. A tweet by @_underratedaf documenting the role they had in music racked up over 51,000 likes in 12 hours and spiralled the whole social media platform into a throwback headspace.

Yes, they are a group

It might seem obvious to some, but many Twitter fans didn’t know that Travis Porter are a group. The hip hop trio is made up of Ali and Quez, who were step-brothers, and Strap da Fool.

For those who don’t remember Travis Porter at all, let alone what happened to them, let us refresh your memory. The group formed in 2008 but really took off in 2010, with songs like Aww Yea, Go Shorty Go, Bananas, Ayy Ladies,Bring it Back and Make It Rain.

They made what some dub the original “twerk music” and were seemingly the go-to playlist for the aux on the way to the club and in. You just know the Jersey Shore cast were fist bumping to Aww Yea at Karma.

Although Travis Porter consists of three members already, they often enlisted the help of other hip hop stars, including Future and Tyga.

What happened to Travis Porter?

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking the group took a break or split up, that doesn’t actually appear to be the case. Travis Porter may have fallen from mainstream attention but they still made music, including a heap of mixtapes.

Travis Porter took a slight hiatus and focused on solo work, but they spoke about the hiatus coming to an end in a 2015 interview, saying they didn’t believe it would impact their success.

In 2017 Travis Porter released Quickie EP, and they even performed a ten year anniversary set in summer of 2020.

The group did seem to go a good few years without music after the latest EP though, but it’s likely down to focusing on solo ventures again. Strap Da Fool in particular, who has 70,000 followers on Instagram worked on his own mixtape in 2018 titled Outta Here.

Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

In a 2020 interview, Quez was asked if they will be getting any Travis Porter music, to which he responded: “There’s plenty of Travis Porter music, but we gotta get the business right,” before going on to explain that now they’re independent it’s harder in terms of finances.

Travis Porter were originally signer to Jive Records and their own label Porter House Music Group, but it’s unclear if or when the group cut ties with the former, making them independent again.

Travis Porter is currently working on upcoming music again, according to their Instagram. In December they released remixes of Cry Baby and Then Leave. Plus, on January 21st they have a live show of their old hits.

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