What happened to CJ on House of Payne? The season 9 finale ended on a cliffhanger and fans have offered their thoughts on Twitter.

Tyler Perry fans have had a number of TV efforts to treasure over the years, but for many, the very best remains House of Payne.

The American sitcom premiered on TBS back in 2007 and has gone on to boast quite the legacy, even earning a spin-off – titled The Paynes – in 2018.

While many thought House of Payne wouldn’t return after season 8 in 2012, the revival was officially confirmed and arrived in 2020, wrapping up with the 25th and final episode on Wednesday, January 13th 2021.

The season has been a rollercoaster ride for audiences, but perhaps the biggest shock came at the very end, with viewers compelled and eager to discover what happened to CJ in the finale…

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What happened to CJ on House of Payne? Fans react

  • CJ got into an accident in the season 9 finale, but audiences will have to wait until season 10 to find out his fate.

CJ told Ella that he didn’t want her interfering after he discovered she had taken the twins in the wake of Lisa and Malik’s fight.

At the end of the episode, CJ’s accident is established and we witness Ella’s troubled reaction, which has encouraged viewers to question the outcome of the accident and how severe it was.

While it’s uncertain whether he survived or not, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts, with one recently writing: “I think CJ got into a car accident racing downtown cause the red alert already happened while at the house…”

Check out a selection of tweets:

Does House of Payne season 10 have a release date?

As of yet, there is no information on House of Payne’s season 10 return.

However, considering it’s a popular show which has only just found a new home on BET, it’s likely that renewal will be confirmed soon. It’s unlikely that OWN would revive it and cut it loose after just one season, especially with numerous loose ends established in the season 9 finale.

As for when to potentially expect it, The Cinemaholic highlights that actor Lance Gross said that Tyler Perry shoots the episodes very efficiently, even filming two or three episodes a day in some instances.

With this in mind, perhaps House of Payne season 10 could arrive as soon as late 2021.

In other news, Red Notice is coming to Netflix.