New Pokémon Snap has been given an official release date, and pre-orders have begun for this long-awaited game.

Coming in time for Pokémon’s twenty-fifth anniversary, New Pokémon Snap is a sequel to the beloved original Pokémon Snap which first released on the Nintendo 64, over twenty years ago.

The Pokémon Company has finally revealed new details about the upcoming game, including when it will officially release, and how to pre-order it.

What is the release date for New Pokémon Snap?

New Pokémon Snap’s release date is April 30 2021.

According to the official Pokémon Twitter account, the game will see players travel to the brand new Lental region, where over two hundred species of Pokémon can be found and photographed.

Players will be able to choose their appearance, and fill up their Photodex with the help of Professor Mirror. They’ll also seek out Pokémon that glow with Illumina, a mysterious newly-discovered energy.

How to pre-order New Pokémon Snap

Pre-orders for New Pokémon Snap are now open, and the game can be pre-ordered direct from Nintendo or from selected retailers including Best Buy.

Bear in mind that pre-ordering New Pokémon Snap won’t get you the game any earlier; you’ll still have to wait for its scheduled release date. However, some retailer may offer special rewards for those who buy the game ahead of its release.

Regardless, with the game coming in just three and a half months, there’s not long to wait until the official release date for New Pokémon Snap.

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