M Huncho may be known for the accessory, but Twitter fans have found a video revealing what they think is him with no mask.

The drill artist has made the mask a part of his artist identity, wearing it in all videos, cover arts and interviews. Of course, this has made fans all the more eager to see his face.

In a 2019 interview, M Huncho explained his reasons for the mask, pinning it down to privacy purposes: “I like my privacy. That’s it. I don’t care about none of this stuff that comes along with what I’m doing. I don’t care about no ends. I got a family. I’m in this to maintain and do bigger things.”

The rapper has been making music for years, and hiding his appearance was going oh-so-well, until Twitter got involved today.

Photo by Burak Cingi/Redferns

The M Huncho Twitter video

Fans of M Huncho now believe they’ve unmasked the rapper, after a leaked video emerged on Twitter without the mask. It’s unclear where the video was sourced from or who took it, but it appears to be credited to @fesprimusic on TikTok. The video however is no longer on that TikTok account.

The clip sees a man who looks like M Huncho alongside Dutchavelli in a recording studio, and he begins in the classic mask. Yet in the second clip, the mask has been removed and what fans have been assuming is M Huncho’s face is clear to see as he bops to the music.

It might not be a HD picture of him, or even confirmed to be his face, but fans have truly run with the screenshot on Twitter.

Reactions to the him with no mask

For fans of the artist, this has been a long-awaited reveal, albeit not the way M Huncho likely wanted.

Many on Twitter joked about who the person that leaked the video could be, speculating that it’s a friend who “snaked” M Huncho.

Some were surprised by his appearance:

While others weren’t:

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