Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla B got into a physical fight after beefing on social media yesterday, and now the fight video has gone viral on Twitter.

Drama has erupted in the rap world this week, with Texas-born rapper Cuban Doll and Kayla B, the sister of rapper King Von who died last year, got into a public social media spat.

The girls then decided to take their Twitter beef even further, meeting up in downtown Atlanta to get into a physical fight. Now, the fight video is going viral on Twitter.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cuban Doll and Kayla B’s altercation.

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Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister beef on Twitter

On Wednesday (January 13th), a social media feud began between Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla B. It’s unclear why they started beefing on Twitter, and it seems as though the pair had been feuding for a while behind the scenes.

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However, Kayla B quickly started using the hashtag #FIGHTKAYLA, urging Cuban Doll to physically fight her. She tweeted “everybody go mention her & say fight Kayla & shut up” and then in a second tweet wrote: “#FIGHTKAYLA let’s start this TREND LETS GO.”

Little did she know, Cuban Doll would accept her fight offer and things would soon turn physical.

The pair get into a physical fight

After Kayla B challenged Cuban Doll to a physical fight, a video of the pair fighting in Downtown Atlanta soon emerged on Twitter.

In the video, you can see them throwing fists, biting and pulling each other’s hair, but no one was badly injured.

Following the fight, Cuban Doll took to Instagram Live to discuss exactly what happened and revealed that she only had one scratch on her face, trying to prove that she had won the fight.

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Fans react to Cuban Doll and Kayla B’s fight

Many fans were trying to work out what the fight was even about.

Others were pretty confused about their fighting methods. Biting?

There were lots of debates about who actually won.

Others demanded a re-match.

Some thought the fight was disappointing.

And some people were getting confused by who was even fighting.

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